Iplex Pipelines Australia

Made up of a number of brands, the Iplex Pipelines Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipeline systems with career opportunities across Australia. Products and systems include those supplied for the water infrastructure, irrigation, civil, telecommunications, electrical and construction sectors. As part of the Iplex Pipelines Group, Crane Copper Tube is a leading supplier the Viega Propress system which integrates state-of-the-art press-fit technology and purpose designed fittings to deliver today's fastest, most efficient and most reliable copper tube connection method for gas, water, compressed air and oil delivery applications. Our other brands include Key Plastics, Gatic-Milnes, Northern Iron & Brass Foundry, Crevet Piplines and Kingston Bridge.

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Top 5 Reasons to work here

  1. One of Australasia's most respected public companies.
  2. Our scale provides options for career progression across a range of roles, industries, and locations.
  3. Our leaders create workplaces where people at all levels are engaged, excel and are rewarded.
  4. We invest in our people so they achieve their career goals and are kept safe. We believe all injuries can be prevented: Zero Harm.
  5. Our family programmes show we recognise our people live in a bigger world than the workplace.
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