With us, you’re on the road to better things

Remember that feeling when you first got behind the wheel of a truck? Sitting high in the cab - chopping through the gears with a massive smile on your face. It’s hard to forget, right?

We get it, because we know how you’re dialled: driving isn’t just a job – something that simply puts miles on the dial and bread on the table. For you, it’s a way of life – a passion. It’s almost like you’ve got diesel flowing through your veins.

So it makes sense to work with a company and colleagues who are just as keen on driving trucks as you are. That’s why you belong at Winstone Transport. After all, we know that it’s our drivers that keep our business moving. Literally. That’s why when you join the team, we’ll look after you in plenty more ways than you might expect.

Put your future in the drivers’ seat

Right now, we’re after drivers to jump on board with Winstone and make the most of all the advantages that come with working as part of our well established and highly respected company.

Whether you’re currently sitting on a Class 4 or a Class 5 we’ve got the ideal role for you – driving modern, good looking trucks as part of a business that’s fully committed to getting you home safe each day.

And if you’re serious about putting your career in a higher gear, we’ll take care of that for you. If you’re on a Class 4, we’ll pay for you to come through to Class 5. And further down the road, who knows – maybe driver training, a supervisor role, or dispatch could be just the ticket for you.

For more information, contact Bianca Vulinovich on Bianca.vulinovich@fbu.com